In a city in Athas, the sorcerer-king takes his gladiatorial matches very seriously. How else will he keep the citizens compliant?

Arena matches are held daily. The audience screams for blood, to the point that there are fewer gladiators each month, and certainly fewer big names. Some champions are so adept, that new blood serves no challenge.

The people grow hungry for new blood, new matches, new gladiators. Perhaps you were a slave sold to the house. Maybe you sold yourself to pay a debt. The house may give you sanctuary from people after you, or reprieve from crime.

Maybe you even simply crave the adventure, and wanted a sponsor. After all, independent agents simply don’t get the respect they deserve in the arena, nor can they compete in team or matched pair games.

Now wake up and face your first day as a gladiator in House Thrush. Pray you see a second.

The Arena